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Martingrove Baseball. It's where our players learn and play the game of baseball...and so much more.

Serving the players and the families of Etobicoke since 1958.
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Make plans for another memorable season of Martingrove Baseball!

You can register online or by mail right now or register in-person on Saturday, March 18, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Canlan Ice Sports - 1120 Martingrove Road in the upper party room.

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Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program specifically designed to empower children, youth and adults living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. The program is designed to teach its athletes the core life skills inherent to baseball, including teamwork, communication, determination, resiliency, inclusion, support and courage. Challenger Baseball ensures every athlete has the opportunity to play in a fun and safe environment where they learn to become more independent, build confidence and self-esteem, improve their communication skills and set and achieve their own personal goals.

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for the Martingrove Baseball Association

This is a great opportunity to earn spare cash during the baseball season (May to September).

Open to all certified level 1, 2 or 3 umpires 12 years old and older upon successful completion of your certification course. 

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Why does anyone want to be a coach? Kids are whining, parents are complaining, long drives, staying up late creating strategies. You are not paid and you are never guaranteed a fair win. Lol.

Really to be a coach you are in it just for the kids. You want them to learn, develop their skill in the sport they love. You want the team to become a solid core of friends and enjoy the sport and game no matter the outcome.

I love watching kids play the sport they love. I want to help them get better. I want them to get more out of themselves they never knew they had. I want to teach them better technics in different positions. I want every player to have equal opportunity to learn and be involved on the team. Every athlete has their own struggles during their seasons and I want to see them push through it and become better. All athletes grow and develop. My job as a coach is to help all the team members develop their skills and produce a strong skilled TEAM.

Some children will need less attention because of natural talent but they cannot be forgotten because of their skill.
They can achieve even more with better training and development. Every athlete needs to be challenged, at home, in practice and during the game. Without challenge there is no growth. As long as they want to become better I will be there to help them.

This past year, I noticed that a portion of the kids were always very emotional when it came to the game. Errors, losses, throwing balls/walking batters, striking out and any other reason to me to get upset. I took it upon myself to ensure that they had an understanding about the game and that it will never be perfect. When they came off the field crying or really emotional on the past play I would pull them aside and let
them talk about it and give them the feed back that suited the situation. I found that as the weeks went on the bond on the team developed and as a assistant coach my presence for the player was really important.

I had an absolute blast this summer and the entire family we developed. The bond the players made reach out past the level as teammates and have made real friendships.Everyone is already asking when we can get together for more baseball.

I am super excited for the new season and hope to develop these kids into better athletes.




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