The physical and emotional health and well-being of our players is paramount to all of us who volunteer at Martingrove Baseball. Our coaches will strive to ensure that the kids play in a safe environment, that they are wearing the proper protective equipment at all necessary times, and that the prevention and care of injuries is  priority #1. We will post heath-oriented articles here that we hope will assist coaches, players and parents in how to prevent injuries from occurring and care for injuries should they occur.



10:57 am

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. Concussions are usually caused by a blow to the head. Violently shaking the head and upper body also can cause concussions. Some concussions cause you to lose consciousness, but most do not. It’s possible to have a concussion and not realize it. Concussions are particularly common if you play a contact sport, such as football. Most people usually recover…

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Stretch It Out

11:04 am

  By Justin Williamson, In Exercising Benefits of Stretching We all know we should stretch, but far too many of us overlook this and choose to get on with the ‘fun stuff’ instead – the exercise or the sports or the free running. Perhaps though part of the problem is that we are not educated quite enough on the reasons we should be stretching – and perhaps a full list of all the reasons we should be doing it could help encourage us to be more vigilant. Here we…

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Taking Care Of That Arm

11:07 am

Author: Joe Golton I researched and collated much information on pitcher arm care into a parent advice guide for my spring PONY team in April 2014. Here I present the same information, expanded and reworked into a more blog-appropriate format, and updated gradually over time as I learn more. In February 2015 I attended a workshop on sports medicine presented by several physical therapists and doctors from the Sports Medicine Center, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital (Oakland). I learned additional details and one major new concept (core strength) which I incorporated into…

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Parents’ Guide to Common Baseball Injuries & Prevention

11:08 am

Baseball is one of the most popular sports today, enjoyed by men and women, young and old, all over the world. Because it involves many mechanics of the body, including throwing, running and sliding, it can also be one of the most injurious – especially for student athletes who may not always be ready for the sport or receive the right training. Baseball Injury Prevention is key. Injuries to the arms, shoulder, head, ankle and basic bumps and bruises can easily happen, and of particular concern are arm…

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Ice or Heat?

7:30 am

Training is great for your performance and keeps your body in optimal shape. However, one small tweak or over worked muscle, then pain and injury set in-and that can sideline your performance. So what’s the best solution for optimal recovery? Do you run to the freezer or furnace? This is a common question with lots of confusion. Let’s clear up why you need to ice or heat an injury. There’s not one that wins over the other, it just depends on your injury. A good rule of…

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What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

7:31 am

One of the most common ‘must have’ items for a coach is a first aid kit. Easy enough, you think, they have them for $10 at Wal-Mart all the time. But you might be surprised at what is in those inexpensive first-aid kits and what is missing. Most experienced coaches will tell you that they eventually ‘create their own’ kit, but they usually start with a normal kit, even if just for the case. Here are some ideas for creating the perfect coach’s first aid kit. Most…

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