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Love the game? Learn the game while experiencing baseball from a brand new perspective while earning up to $75 per game. Best of all, you decide your own schedule. If this sounds like the summer gig for you click the link below to get started. You must be at least 12+ years old.

A Little Accounting Please!

For our active umpires don't forget to complete and submit your earnings reports each month. Click on the button below to download the excel file. Enter all required information for your games and send to

Where You S'posed To Be?

An up-to-date list of your schedule of games, dates, times and locations. Click or tap here to log onto

Make the Right Call!

Baseball's a complicated game with more rules than stars in the sky (or so it seems). To help make a difficult job easier keep studying (there's a test every time you take the field!)

Here's the latest installment of Make the Right Call from Baseball Ontario.

Rules & Regs

What Happened? When? How?

A report must be submitted to the Umpire-in-Chief and to the League President after any game in which violations of rules occur and other incidents worthy of comment, including disqualification of any manager, coach or player.

The More You Know,
the Better the Call!

Click below for insightful columns and video instructions on how to be a better umpire.

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