As veteran coaches know, coaching any youth sport is far more complicated than just teaching the game that you used to love to play yourself. It involves a lot more than just hitting fly balls, teaching kids how to field a ground ball and making out a line up card. Issues like bullying, ADHD, harassment and racism can occur in your dugout as much as anywhere else. In this section we will include a wide range of articles from columns and blogs that we hope will assist coaches in the development of their kids - on and off the baseball diamond. And of course this section will feature tips and methods for running great practices, implementing creative and fun drills, dealing with game situations and much more. 

A Coach’s Guide To ADHD

10:45 am

This is a guide to coaching children with ADHD. Not all children with ADHD have a diagnosis, and the good news is that the tips and strategies in this guide will be helpful when coaching any very active, impulsive and distractible child – whether they have a formal diagnosis of ADHD or not. It’s been written with sports coaches in…

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