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What Is Challenger Baseball?

What is Challenger Baseball?
Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program specifically designed to empower
children, youth and adults living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. The
program is designed to teach its athletes the core life skills inherent to baseball,
including teamwork, communication, determination, resiliency, inclusion, support and
courage. Challenger Baseball ensures every athlete has the opportunity to play in a
fun and safe environment where they learn to become more independent, build
confidence and self-esteem, improve their communication skills and set and achieve
their own personal goals.

Who can play Challenger Baseball?
To be eligible to participate in Challenger Baseball, participants must have a physical
disability, intellectual disability, cognitive delay or developmental disability.

2023 Player Registration
Players can be registered on the Etobicoke Baseball Association (“EBA”) website
by clicking/tapping on the button below. Player registration includes a baseball jersey and cap.