For Martingrove umpires Eagle Beaver's Online Pop-Up Online Umpire store, is open now until May 10th.
You can have items shipped directly to your home or you can piggy-back your order with Martingrove's orders and save on shipping costs. However if you choose the piggy-back option would need to make arrangements to pick up the order from me. I would advise you when the order has arrived and we would agree on a mutually convenient time for pick up. Deliveries will be shortly after the store closes if you choose that option. The league doesn't take any responsibility for returns - you would deal directly with Eagle Beaver for that.

You are of course under no obligation to purchase your umpire requirements from this pop-up store and can buy your supplies anywhere you choose.

Martingrove has arranged the pop-up store for your convenience only and does not profit from any purchases


Kate Boccongelle
Umpire in Chief
Martingrove Baseball Inc.