The purpose of this form is to provide a system for umpires to report ejections and incidents that occur during games in any select division or interlock house league games within the EBA. Submitted reports will be directed to the umpires-in-chief of Martingrove and Etobicoke baseball as well as the president of Martingrove Baseball.

All game ejections come with an automatic 1 game suspension to be served at the next game with the exception of the second offence by the same player in the Interlock Junior division where it will be an automatic 2 game suspension. We would like to make this a point of emphasis with our umpires this season. Our Local associations cannot correct problems on the field if they are not reported. Please make all reports as soon as you can after the game and no later than 24 hours. It is recommended having a hard copy of the incident report in your umpire bag to complete at the field to be sure to have all the information.

In Interlock play it is also the responsibility of both coaches to also report all ejections. Penalty for not reporting is a 1 game suspension for coach. This is to insure proper audit of suspensions and to inform opposing team at the next game of that player’s ineligibility.